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g                                LETTERS   FROM   THE

begilt.1 There is a quantity of portraits and bad
pictures. The situation is low, on the Arun, a
deep stream without beauty. The park is con-
fined, or reduced and intersected, and not strik-
ingly handsome. The country Is very hilly, and
there is a beautiful view from the heights towards
Haslemere, like the Vale of Tarbes, woody and


I have been staying at Bury with Madame
Brulart, and went on to Coldham, where I amused
myself a la Jasmin, and took a view of Lawshall
Church and Lavenham. The steeple part was built
by the Veres in Henry VIL's time; their arms,
with garter supporters, being everywhere put up*
The battlements and porch are much ornamented,
but not in the delicate Gothic manner. That
style was evidently losing ground, and archi-
tectural taste becoming more fantastic and con-

Sir H. Parker's is a large old house, with
handsome grounds. I returned to Madame Bru-
lart's, and then went to spend a few days at
Langham, Sir Patrick Blake's. It is a small,

i It has since been burnt down*